Who We Are in the U.S.

One School at a Time Founders:

Bay Roberts and Patty Gilbert have received an International Human Rights award from the Boulder, CO chapter of the United Nations Association, as well as a “Women Who Light the World” award from the Boulder County Chamber of Commerce.

Bay Roberts and Patty Gilbert are committed to the idea that ALL children should have the opportunity to access education. Bay and Patty have traveled to Uganda from their homes in Colorado, USA numerous times since this project began in 2005.

About Bay Roberts:  Bay has a BA in Biology and Environmental Studies, a Masters Degree in Biology, and a Teaching Certificate in Primary Education. She worked as a seabird biologist for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska before moving to the Boulder, CO area. She is the parent of two adopted girls, one born in China, another in Rwanda. These two inspiring and beautiful girls were the catalyst for One School at a Time, an effort born out of the desire to provide more needy children with the basic opportunity they deserve- to meet their potential in life.

About Patty Gilbert:  Passionate about volunteering and giving back, Patty Gilbert has a BS in Chemistry, has owned a coffee shop, been a tour guide in the Canadian Rockies, and taught parenting classes and science to underprivileged kids in the Denver area. The mother of two, Patty and her husband live in Boulder, Colorado.

Patty feeling the joy at a visit to Bbinikila Primary School, Uganda.

One School at a Time Assistant Director:

About Kierra Peterson:

Kierra interned in 2011 with One School as a high school student at Watershed School (Boulder, CO), completed her college degree in Global Studies at LIU Global in 2018 and now has completed the circle back to us. Kierra is dedicated to each and every person in this world having the opportunity to meet their potential in life.