U.S. Programs

One School at a Time develops dialogue and awareness amongst our local Boulder, Colorado children about cultural differences, poverty, environmental degradation and inequities in the distribution of world resources through the following programs:

Sister School Program between selected Boulder schools and Ugandan partner schools in which children send letters and projects back and forth. Click here to read letters between U.S. and Ugandan students.

Slide shows at local schools to teach children about education in Uganda. IMG_6954


Lessons in inequity- the cake activity

Let Them Eat Cake activity at local schools to help kids learn about inequities in distribution of world resources. See the article written about this activity in Boulder’s local newspaper.


Read in Boulder Magazine’s Fall 2011 issue how One School at a Time programs are affecting Boulder, Colorado youth. (PDF format)


Fundraising at local Colorado schools


Creative raffle box by fifth graders at Mesa Elementary School, Boulder, Colorado



Hussein Tadesse, Ugandan Program Manager, with 5th graders at Mesa Elementary School, Boulder, Colorado