School-based business raises funds!

Solar powered phone charging station, Kukanga.
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Blog post by One School Director, Bay Roberts:
Each time we partner with a impoverished Ugandan school, stakeholders (teachers, administrators, parents) first develop a five year school development plan–essentially a road map of where they want their school to be in 5 years time. In this remote and rural area, where households are making about $1/day, the concept of planning ahead is indeed foreign. How can you possibly plan for 5 years in the future when you are not even sure how you are going to feed your family tomorrow? The fact that our partner schools have a 5 year plan is a source of great pride. 
Included in these plans is a small school-based business scheme to generate much needed operational funds. Ugandan public schools receive annual governmental disbursements based on the number of pupils enrolled. For a school of about 300 students like Kukanga Primary, this is about $900/year. These funds can’t possibly cover Kukanga’s operating budget– another source of income is required. In 2011, Kukanga School took matters into their own hands by planting over 168 mango trees. They plan to sell the fruit as a cash crop in 2014. A solar cell phone charging station business at school was also recently installed. Parents in this rural area may be poor, but just about every household has a cell phone! Charging these cell phones entails about a 3 hour round trip walk to the nearest local village and waiting a few hours for the phone to charge–basically a good part of the day spent just re-charging your phone! By providing cell phone charging capacity at school, community members can charge their phones, save time, AND support their local school. Teachers with good attendance records and parents receive a reduced rate, an additional incentive for all. 
Sales record for phone charging station.
Cooking and chatting.
Planting mango trees as a cash crop.
Kukanga students learn how to plant mango trees.  

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