Report from Uganda: Jane and the 330 Layers

Jane Kibuuka, head of the Kukanga School, with some local ground nuts (peanuts).

Bay Roberts, One School at a Time director, is currently traveling with her family in Uganda, where Internet access is spotty.  I just received the following report from her.
Jane Kibuuka, head teacher of Kukanga Government Primary School, is a government employee. This would indicate that she should be paid reliably- unless Jane is a Ugandan government employee, which changes the picture entirely! Jane had not been paid her full teacher’s salary for years. She had visited the government offices, at considerable personal expense, repeatedly over those years to request her full pay. After a few months, she even tried bribery, but that did not resolve the situation. Hussein Tadesse, One School Program Manager, accompanied Jane on a recent trip to the government offices and stood quietly while Jane made her request again. This time, Jane was successful and soon received all her back pay. The lump sum was great enough that she was able to invest in a home-based poultry business. Here is her chicken house (below) and here is one of the chickens she cooked for us on a recent visit (also below).
Corruption is part of daily life in Uganda, but with the correct pressure, it is possible to overcome.
Jane’s chicken house.
Chicken being prepared for visitors.

Jane with school placards, Kukanga.