One School guest opinion in Boulder Daily Camera

A very enthusiastic Logan Abbott after receiving the Daily Camera Youth Pacesetter Award earlier this year.

One School at a Time’s youngest Board member, Logan Abbott, published the following article in the Daily Camera, the Boulder newspaper, this month.  Thanks Logan for being such and active supporter!

From the Daily Camera:

Guest opinion: Holiday giving

By Logan Abbott

POSTED:   12/13/2013 01:00:00 AM MST

Here in Boulder we have a great tradition of giving generously to nonprofits during the holidays. I believe this generosity helps define Boulder and is at the heart of what makes this a wonderful community.
I’m a seventh grader at Southern Hills Middle School and I try to contribute to this spirit of giving. I was honored to recently receive the 2013 Daily Camera Youth Pacesetter Award, especially for the work I’ve done with One School at a Time since I was a Mesa Elementary 5th grader. One School is one of many small, local charities that critically need your contribution to continue their meaningful work. One School partners with impoverished Ugandan schools to help them create better learning conditions for their students.
How is One School different from the hundreds of organizations competing for your donation?
First, One School doesn’t assume we know what’s best; instead, we ask each partner school what they most need. Clean water systems, renovated classrooms, and sanitary pads for teenage girls are among the improvements One School donations have made possible at those schools.
Second, One School develops a 5-year partnership with each school so as to ensure that the changes we help foster are sustainable.
Over 2,000 children are thriving today in our partner schools. These schools are well on their way to becoming self-reliant, shining as diamonds of hope in their impoverished communities.
Third, One School is teaching Boulder children about poverty and how to succeed despite it. Boulder youth have a greater appreciation of the world and our role in it thanks to the presentations One School Board Members give at local schools. That is how I got involved.
I sincerely ask you to support One School or a local nonprofit of your choice this holiday season. Thanks for all you do to make Boulder great.
Logan Abbott, of Boulder, is the 2013 Daily Camera Youth Pacesetter and a board member of One School at a Time.