One School at a Time’s Youngest Board Member Working his Magic to Secure Donations for the Spring Auction

This fundraising letter penned by Logan Abbott, One School at a Time board member:

Dear Frasca’s, (one of the finest restaurants in Boulder, CO)

May 2016 bring you another James Beard award for your outstanding food. However, this year in Uganda, there are children struggling to find any food. I’m writing this on behalf of One School at a Time, a charity that I have worked closely with since I was in 5th grade.

merchant letter

Logan Abbott, One School at a Time’s youngest board member, works diligently to secure funding.


Logan front and center at a One School at a Time board meeting

One School at a Time is a grassroots, local charity that partners with struggling schools in the rural parts of Uganda, East Africa. They are currently assisting 4 Primary Schools (Grade 1-7) and 1 Secondary School (Grade 8-12) with 5-year plans that the schools themselves develop. One School doesn’t just go in and tell the schools what to do; we let them tell us how we can most help them. This approach is far better than the typical charity, because it actually works in the long term. Usually, the new buildings break and the cisterns fall into disrepair after a year or so, but One School teaches the schools to work these things themselves.

In this way, a donation to One School works well beyond the 5 years that One School partners with a particular school. It works for a lifetime. These 5 schools are in communities that are in the grip of the circle of poverty, where a child is born, but because of their limited education, his or her only choice is to be a farmhand. This cycle can be broken by the current generation because they are getting much-needed help from One School. And if even one child breaks the cycle, it’s not only a moral victory, it’s the beginning of something new- a bright future for the next generation.

This is what One School believes in and is working to achieve. If you could help by giving us with even a small gift card to your restaurant for our upcoming online auction, it could help make a future of promise and prosperity for the children of these villages. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Logan Abbott

9th grader at Fairview, recipient of the 2013 Daily Camera Pacesetter Award

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