One School at a Time Ugandan Program Manager Reflects

I’m happy I made it to the U.S. to attend my fourth training in non-violent communication in Portland, Oregon. Non-violent communication (NVC) is a language developed to help people connect to each other’s humanity moment by moment. This special way of interacting can prevent violence in ourselves and other people. It is also a practical way to bring peace to oneself and others. This way of being resonates deeply with me. I can connect with myself now and empathize with other people. When I use NVC, conflict becomes connection and celebration. This was a special training for me because I was able to facilitate two sessions. I received feedback that will support me in pursuing my dream to become a certified trainer in non-violent communication. As much as I know, I will be the ONLY certified NVC trainer in Uganda and maybe in Africa!


Hussein enjoying the moment at the non-violent communication training in Portland, Oregon

After my communication training, I flew to Boulder, Colorado, to work with Patty Gilbert and Bay Roberts, co-founders of One School at a Time. I was the guest of honor at a fundraising dinner called One Bowl at a Time. This event was organized and hosted by two teenage girls. I was moved that these two young women worked so hard to support vulnerable children in another part of the world far away. They have a social change heart. Knowing this strengthens me in my work- I’m not alone.


Siena Tone and Marcella Mason raised over $4,105 for One School at a Time!


Hussein celebrates with chefs of One Bowl at a Time