Olivia’s Potential, Realized

Never doubt that surprising and wonderful events can happen. In this case, three little girls living in a coal bin in the slums of Kampala, Uganda were connected by our One School at a Time Program Manager to another Ugandan organization called Watoto Ministries.


Olivia’s mother treats her for chicken pox.


Olivia’s family at a small room they lived in near the coal bin.


Olivia and her mother at the coal bin in Kampala.

This organization gave them a new life, a new home, safety, regular meals, medical care, and a guaranteed education. The youngest of the sisters, Olivia, turned out to have musical talents. She recently traveled as part of the Watoto Children’s choir to the UK for music and dance performances.
How many other children are out there with hidden talents and marvelous capabilities who will never receive the opportunity to manifest their true potential?
Hextable Pic 2

Olivia (far left), dancing in the U.K.

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