Kids Helping Kids

Logan Abbot.
After Bay and Patty’s third annual visit to Mesa Elementary School in Boulder, CO, Logan Abbot, fifth grader, knew he needed to do something. The two co-directors of One School at a Timecame to his school to talk about the conditions for Ugandan students, and just how important education is to the children there. Mesa Elementary had already been a big help: in 2011, the school raised money to renovate a classroom, and in 2012 they organized a fundraiser to build maize granaries  (instead of storing harvested corn in the classrooms). Logan took his passion for helping kids less fortunate than himself to new levels by organizing a school raffle.The fifth-grader collected donations from local businesses, and then worked after school selling raffle tickets. He had prizes like pizzas, beauty products, gift certificates, and, best of all, the chance to be headmaster for a day at Mesa Elementary. With all these great prizes and his own hard work, he hoped to raise $500. Instead, much to his surprise, he raised $2,300. Logan inspires us all to work harder and reach higher! 

If you’d like to contribute to One School, now is a great time.  The 2012 tax year is quickly coming to an end.
Girl with corn, Uganda
Maize granary, Uganda
Mesa raffle.
Mesa raffle.
Mesa raffle.
Note from Logan to Kukanga students.
Logan, Mesa raffle.