Here’s to Concrete!

One School’s Hussein Tadesse helps guide a rented car past a rough spot on the way to Kyamulinga.

There was an interesting article by Charles Kenny recently in Foreign Policy Magazine about why concrete is good.  This may not seem intuitive to many of us who live in a world that feels overly covered in the stuff, but if you live in rural Africa, a little bit of concrete can improve your health and your ability to get to school or get goods to market.  In the area where One School has been working for the last few years, all of the roads are dirt, and in the rainy season they turn to impassable slop.  Classrooms usually have dirt floors, and students often “smear” them — apply cow dung — to keep the dust down.  Imagine sending your barefoot child to a school each morning where the floors are coated in cow dung!

One School has helped local communities build new classrooms with concrete floors, reducing worm problems and creating a cleaner, dust-free learning environment.  Click the link to read the article — it’s short and thought provoking.

 Students walk to school along a typical rural dirt road.  Not bad in the dry season, but terrible when wet.
Students sweep a classroom floor, raising dust, at the Kukanga School.
A student enjoys a concrete floor in a classroom at Kyamulinga that One School helped fund.