Cheese is still challenging and other observations- a Ugandan’s perspective on visiting the USA for the fourth time .


While staying at the Ananda Center (Portland, Oregon) for my non-violent communication training, I heard a surprising announcement: “Please do not expose your body.” I know people here in the U.S. have the freedom to dress how they want to but we don’t have that freedom in Africa. There are cultural mores and religious laws that determine how we dress.

My body is getting used to the diet here in the U.S. The first time I came to America, the food did not agree with me. But now, my stomach enzymes are getting accustomed to the food… except for cheese which frightens me- especially when it appears on my plate unexpectedly!



Im also happy to have been in a  snowstorm. When I saw the snow falling, what came to my mind was, “Really? People can go to work? How are we going to get out of our home? How can we move?” Ive heard on the news that when it snows, the Africans come out to shovel snow so I was hoping I would see some Ugandan brothers shoveling the roads.


Wherever I travelled, people were looking down at their smart phones- texting, browsing, surfing, and swiping. No one was available to connect. They were too busy interacting with their phones. Not only were they preoccupied- I also think that they might be afraid of a black man. “Is that black man dangerous? I probably should not talk to him.”


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