Banking in Uganda- an activity which requires persistence… and perhaps a sedative.

Working in a developing country can be inefficient and hugely frustrating. Simple transactions that we take for granted here in the USA can become month long nightmares. Recently, One School at a Time wired money as we usually do to our bank account in Uganda. The amount was larger than usual because we were preparing to build water cisterns and latrines at our partner schools. When is the last time you had to spend six days at the bank, pleading to access money that is rightfully yours? Hussein, One School at a Time Program Manager, was requested at various times by bank officials to bring the following documents: confirmation of the wire transfer, an official request on company letterhead, his passport, his identity card, his budgets and his vouchers. And even this was not enough. Bank officials consequently decided that this transaction was impossible to manage at that branch and sent Hussein to a different branch where he endured an lengthy oral interview:

How many times do you go to the village to work?

How do you get to the village?

How will these funds be spent?

How long have you worked for One School at a Time?

These sorts of barriers slow down the pace of our work. But we are undaunted in our mission- no amount of red tape, bureaucracy and obstacles will deter us.


Long Lines at the Bank

  2 comments for “Banking in Uganda- an activity which requires persistence… and perhaps a sedative.

  1. December 18, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    I am a christian I run a ngo for ungrvpeireleded women and the girl child in Hyderabad, India.Right now I have 150 girls studying in our school which we started in 2009. our needs are many but we see the mighty hand of an awesome God at every step. we would like to be involved with you. Regards Grace

    • December 19, 2015 at 6:18 am

      Dear Grace, Thank you very much for your email. The work you are doing sounds valuable and so necessary- thanks for your dedication to those woman and girls who need care. Concerning One School at a Time- our organization is a very small non-profit with a limited annual budget and only three paid employees. Currently, we are working in the Mubende area, Uganda and are focusing on government community schools. We get so many requests for partnership, but do not have the resources to expand to other regions/countries. We wish you the very best in your excellent work.

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