7 Years of Slashing, Hoeing, Digging, Raking, Planting and Harvesting

Recently, One School received a letter from a Ugandan school requesting support. We receive these routinely- there is tremendous need and few resources. But this letter was different! After 7 years of diligently using the farm tools provided by One School, Kukanga Primary School (a One School partner since 2008), informed us that these tools were now all worn out. 7 years of maize and bean harvests, 7 years of slashing, hoeing, digging, raking, planting and harvesting. 65 fruiting mango trees later, 7 years of teachers and the poorest and hungriest students reliably eating lunch, it is time for new tools. One School at a Time is proud to support this request.

Letter from KK

The first box of farm tools, 2010.


Safely storing the maize


The first mango trees are planted

Six years later, a successful mango harvest, 2016






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