A Clean Water System for Bbinikila School, Uganda

Girls hauling water from a water hole in rural Uganda.
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Blog post from the One School at a Time newsletter:

The newest addition to One School at a Time’s network of partner schools, Bbinikila Primary, has an urgent need:  clean water.  Currently, girls at the 400-student school must walk 30 minutes to a contaminated water hole.  They miss valuable class time and can be vulnerable to assault.

To remedy this, One School at a Time will partner with Bbinikila to construct a rooftop collection system to harvest rainwater.  The system will be connected to a 40,000 liter above-ground cistern, which will be built with an innovative pressed earth brick developed by Dr. Moses Musaazi at Makarere University in Uganda.

Trained brick makers from both of our previous partner schools will train the Bbinikila parents how to press these bricks.  We look forward to drinking potable water a the Bbinikila School!

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Dr. Moses Musaazi with a wall made of his innovative bricks in Kampala.
A typical cistern.  This one uses traditional bricks that require the use of much expensive mortar.  Dr. Musaazi’s bricks are interlocking and need less. 
Students at the Kyamulinga School, a One School partner, use a treadle pump to move water from a cistern into holding tanks for drinking.
A child samples solar-heated water from a One School at a Time supported water system at the Kyamulinga School.